Vessyl Smart Cup sees big seed funding round ahead of launch

The 'Internet of Things' phenomenon tends to lack one key component: context. A wearable might be able to tell you how many steps you took, but what does it mean? The best smart devices are those which make sense of it all. Enter the Vessyl Smart Cup, which just finished a wild seed funding round to help bring it to market.

Vessyl's idea is that in using the Smart Cup, you know when you're hydrated. Conversely, you know when you're dehydrated. The Smart Cup tells you when you need to drink, or when you're okay to set the cup down. The goal is giving you context in your daily hydration needs. Context? check.

Smart Cup even knows what you put into it, and gives a touch of info on that beverage. If you're a coffee hound, Smart Cup will tell you just how much caffeine you've had. Drink a whole bunch of orange juice? A display will tell you how many calories you're taking in. There is even a total count for your day, and the Smart Cup works with an iOS app.

Vessyl, in finding $3 million (!) in seed funding, noted they were exploring making Smart Cup work on other platforms as well. The Smart Cup is currently available for preorder, and will set you back a cool $99. If you're interested, you might want to jump on it, though. Once the pre-order period is done, that price point doubles.

Vessyl is aiming at a 2015 launch for the Smart Cup.

Via: TechCrunch