Vessel vibrating pillow: the soundless alarm

Alarm clocks are a necessary evil for most, but perhaps even worse is being unnecessarily roused by your bed-partner's alarm.  Step in Vessel, with their wonderful vibrating pillow; on sale in Japan for a meagre 5,000 yen ($55), rather than wake you in the morning with a blaring noise or tedious breakfast DJs, it gently shivers your head.

Apparently it normally only takes a couple of shakes to wake you, and if you're a sturdier sleeper then you can set multiple alarms.  The vibrations are strong enough to notice them when your head is on the pillow, but not so powerful as to shake the bed halfway across the room.  That would rather spoil the whole thing.

An added benefit is that deaf people can use the Vessel alarm.  It uses six AA batteries but sadly looks to be Japan-only at present.

[via technabob]