VESA unveils new Dual-Mode standard supporting 4K resolution and more

Shane McGlaun - Feb 1, 2013, 3:52am CST
VESA unveils new Dual-Mode standard supporting 4K resolution and more

VESA, the Video Electronics Standards Association, has announced that it has released an updated DisplayPort Dual-Mode standard. The new standard supports the next-generation of Dual-Mode DisplayPort enabling personal computers and cable adapters to support new functionality and resolutions. The updated standard allows for several refinements that improve interoperability including a higher data rate for DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable adapters.

That higher data rate means that the adapters can now support HDMI 1.4 resolutions including 1080p 3-D 60 Hz, Ultra HD at up to 30 Hz, and 1080p with deep color. The DisplayPort was created as one port to rule them all. The port can connect directly to displays that have DisplayPort connectivity.

However, the DisplayPort can also be used to power HDMI, VGA, and DVI displays using adapters. VESA has also updated the Dual-Mode Cable Adapter Compliance Test Specification version 1.1. Manufacturers are required to use that new test specification if they’re going to use the DisplayPort logo with a Dual-Mode cable adapter.

Before the Dual-Mode standard was offered, cable adapters using Dual-Mode were limited to a TMDS clock rate of 165 MHz. That rate supported resolutions of up to 1080p at 60 Hz and 24 bits of color. The new specification supports a clock rate of up to 300 MHz.

[via VESA]

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