Verzo responds to consumer input, offers two cheaper Kinzo phone models

A couple weeks back we talked a bit about the Verzo Kinzo Android smartphone that had just launched. The smartphone was a luxury focused device and had specs that weren't that impressive for the price. Verzo apparently took a bunch of comments from consumers that talked about the price and things that were included in the package. In response to the comments received, the company has come back with some changes.

Verzo has released a video talking about how it has responded to customer input and changed some things about the device and what it comes with as well as the price. There are now two different models of the phone. Each of them has the same hardware inside the handset. The only thing that varies is the price and what accessories are included.

There is the Verzo Kinzo and a Verzo Kinzo Plus GPS now available. The normal Kinzo sells for $349 while the Kinzo plus GPS will sell for $384. The original price on the Kinzo was $459. If you own one of these purchased at the original price, don't get mad yet. Verzo is pulling an Apple and will give you back the difference between the new price and the original price if you already own one of the Kinzo smartphones.