VertiPod taking the Segway to the skies

James Allan Brady - Nov 28, 2007

So this VertiPod thing works like a Segway, the only difference being that a Segway doesn’t generally hover 5-15 feet in the air or use fuel. You can even get going a zippy 40 miles per hour in this little thing, I don’t know about you, but having your VertiPod “trip” over something mid air while going 40 seems like a painful possibility to me.

The steering is much the same as a Segway though, lean in whatever direction you want to go, and then its opposite to cease going that direction. The kits, which you have to put together yourself, come with your choice of petrol or ethanol engines.

Those kits will also cost you a hefty ten grand ($10,000) if you want one bad enough. However, for the privilege to “float” to work (as long as there aren’t any roads with a speed limit above 40) I’d say that was a deal, now the only question is how long does a tank of fuel last you?

VertiPod, the “Segway of the Sky” looks dangerous. I want. [via shinyshiny]

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