Versi Stand for iPad mini launches

Shane McGlaun - Dec 27, 2012
Versi Stand for iPad mini launches

A company called Cool Invent has announced the latest version of an iPad and iPhone stand it offers called the Versi Stand. The new version of the stand is designed with the new Apple Lightning connector integrated allowing it to charge the iPhone 5 or iPad mini. The stand is also compatible with other Apple devices that use the standard 30-pin connector.

The stand is available in versions to hold single iPads or a larger version that will hold dual iPads. The device is able to hold the iPad or iPhone and charge the device the same time allowing users to surf the Internet, play their favorite games, or watch video without using the internal battery. The device is designed to allow full swiveling and rotation as well as tilting for optimum viewing angle.

Since the charging cable is built into the stand there are no wires to mess with, users simply dock their tablet into the holder to charge. All versions of the Versi are designed to look like something Apple would make with a minimalist, industrial look. The stands are made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum.

The aluminum also has a soft polyurethane backing to prevent scratches when the device is inserted into the stand. The design allows for 180° rotation and 90° tilt. The swivel action offers 300° movement and the stand is available now for $189.

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