Versatile multi-tab power strip keeps track of your devices [Video]

Designer Soon Mo Kang has taken a simple thing as a power strip, and has turned it into something much more versatile.  It's still a power strip, but its almost LEGO-like parts, LEDs, and labels helps to keep track of what's plugged in where.

As Gizmodo stated, the Multi-Tab strip, by designer Soon Mo Kang, does three things that most power strips don't:

1. Modular construction means you can expand it at will

2. Each plug accommodates a sticker label so you know what it's powering

3. Components can be turned on/off individually, as marked with an LED

Even though it's not the most technically complicated or advanced power device there is, the simple, yet smart design makes it something that I'd get in a heartbeat, as it does everything that a power strip should do, and even more.

[Yanko Design via Gizmodo]