Verizon's Website Shows Apple iOS in Smartphones List

The rumor mill has been going strong. No doubt. It's chugging along quite nicely. There has been speculation regarding the release of an iPhone on Verizon's network for about as long as the device has been available on the market, but up until now the rumors have been pretty empty. Just the hopes and dreams of those who want to get their hands on a device that, up until now (seemingly), has been on –and only one– network in the United States, officially. But, with Verizon's announcement around the corner (tomorrow), we've now got a look at Verizon's website that shows iOS in a spot that, unless these rumors pan out, seems a bit out of place.

While the iPad is available on Verizon's network, at the moment the iOS-based device doesn't appear in the list for "All Phones and Devices" on Verizon's website. In point of fact, if you happen to go over to Verizon's website right now, and you manage to find yourself in the list (click this link), you can do the test yourself.

Scroll over the "Brand/OS" section and a drop-down menu will appear. There, you'll see Apple and Apple iOS. This wouldn't be surprising, considering the iPad's presence on the network currently — but they're grayed out. You can't access whatever it is they lead to right now. However, they are still there, for everyone to see, so go ahead and try it for yourself. In point of fact, if you head over to the Smartphones section, you'll see Apple and Apple iOS listed, but still grayed out, in there too.

We'll be liveblogging the event tomorrow, so stay tuned to see what Verizon has to offer. We imagine that it's going to be pretty memorable.

[via TechTrackr; thanks, Matt!]