Verizon's Voyager and other holiday buddies caught on film

Verizon waded into the holiday season with some fighting words about their iPhone-rival, the LG Voyager, with chief marketing officer Mike Lanman quoted as saying "it will kill the iPhone."  Since then, pundits on both sides of the fence have argued whether the sleek clamshell – which admittedly blows the iPhone out of the water when it comes to connectivity – could hope to make a dent in sales of the much-vaunted Apple device.  James Kendrick invited Verizon's Patrick Kimball out for lunch and seemingly got him drunk enough to unsheathe all four of the holiday lineup, flaunting them happily for James' video camera. 


The pre-production model James and Patrick cavorted with lacked the final release of the browser Verizon will be supplying, but he did find out that it'll support full HTML rather than just WAP.  No word on support for Flash, though, which critics of the iPhone are undoubtedly hoping for.

Both of the Voyager's screens are QVGA, and neither is as large as the iPhone's display, but A2DP stereo Bluetooth and EV-DO should go some way to making up for that.  It'll supposedly launch November 18th.

Hands on video – Verizon Voyager and friends [jkOnTheRun]