Verizon's Pricey Tiered Data Plans Arriving July 7

We've known for awhile that Verizon is planning to drop its unlimited data plans for a tiered structure and even picking up family data options in the near future. We also knew it wasn't going to be pleasant for heavy data users, but we didn't expect the new pricing to be worse than what AT&T has to offer. Albeit, Verizon trumps AT&T with its 4G LTE, but wallets can't tell the difference and they'll start hurting come July 7.

First leaked from DROID Life, the new tiered data plans are set to start at $30 a month for 2GB plans without tethering. It will be $50 for a 5GB plan and $80 for a 10GB plan. If you want tethering, that's an additional $20 a month for an additional 2GB of data. And if you go beyond your limit, it will be $10 per 1GB of extra data used. Tablet data plans are now also bumped up to $30 for 2GB instead of the $20 for 1GB.

These rates will apply to both 3G and 4G smartphones, but will only affect new customers. So, if you're locked into a contract right now with Verizion, you still get to keep your unlimited data plan. There has been talk that current customers are allowed to upgrade to a new device after July 7 and still be able to keep their unlimited data plans. But none of this has been officially confirmed yet. This news is still developing, so we'll keep you posted.

[via Android Community]