Verizon's New Flow Of Tiers

Back in July, word got out that Verizon might be migrating away from unlimited data (sad!) and toward a tiered model (well alright) and now there's a date: October 28. That's the day when everything changes in the Verizon world. Smartphone users will be asked to choose either $15 for 150MB with $0.10 / MB overage, or $29.99 for unlimited access. As far as the iPad situation goes, there'll be plans at $20, $35, $50, and $80 for 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, and 10GB respectively, each of them with overage of $10 per GB. Mifi, FiveSpot, and integrated netbook and notebook modem users will choose between $50 / 5GB and $80 / 8GB plans, while Mifi and FiveSpot users exclusively will have a $35 / 3GB plan for the first 90 days as a promo, all of these with overage priced at $10 per 1GB.

Now if you'd like to get a featured phone, you've got a whole different deal going for you. You'll have to choose between the mysterious $1.99 "pay as you go" plan, the $15 for 150MP, or $29.99 for unlimited. It's a sad day for the old $9.99 / 25MB plan because it will be murdered. In a harsh, heartless move by Verizon, they've decided to keep frozen the costs of USB modems at $39.99 for 250MB or $59.99 for 5GB. All of this is 3G data pricing. 4G plan pricing, Verizon notes, will be released much closer to the 4G network launch.

The unlimited usage plan is always the magical one. I remember when I first picked up a Verizon wireless internet hotspot and purchased the highest amount of data they had available – I used it up in three days. Those days of limited data are ending. Long live the single price for allowance into the club of unlimited usage! Forever will that empire stay strong. Until it's all free.

[Via Engadget]