#VerizonOutage drags on: billing system is down

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 28, 2014
#VerizonOutage drags on: billing system is down

If you have a Verizon phone, you might be one of many who have noticed that something is up: the billing system is down. Such has caused hassle amongst many new and established subscribers, with the collateral damage including an inability to activate a handset.

A quick trip to Twitter will reveal the trending #VerizonOutage hashtag, where many subscribers lament the troubles that have plagued Verizon for the past two days. After poking around to find out what’s up, the carrier fired off a tweet with a vague update:

“We have identified the issue w/the billing systems & are working hard to resolve it. Will post updates here” and at its website. Unfortunately, there’s no known end to the problem, and no explanation about what, exactly, is causing the ongoing issue.

The issue is apparently only affecting those in parts (unfortunately, most) of the US. Some users on Twitter are reporting issues accessing data or some other component of their service (texts but not phone calls, for example), but it isn’t clear whether it is caused by an inability to pay their bill or something else entirely.

SOURCE: Twitter

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