Verizon Wireless LTE Plans Get Officially Announced

You can tell we're knee deep in CTIA 2010 when we have announcement, after announcement to bring to your attention. This time around, we've got Verizon Wireless talking big about their Long Term Evolution (LTE) network improvements, and just what it is they're doing at this point in time. They're ahead of schedule when it comes to devices, with the middle of the year, 2011, pegged as the launch of their first LTE-based device. But, where's the network stand, with improvements of the towers and so forth? Verizon finally dished on the goods.

We've collected the cities that are part of the LTE build-up, along with the companies they're pairing with in those parts of the nation, and compiled a list for you, based on Verizon Wireless' official announcement today. So, read over the list, and find out whether or not you're hunkered down in a location that's going to benefit from the faster network.

  • Boston and Seattle: Anritsu's BTS Master
  • Nevada: CenturyLink
  • North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia: Conterra Broadband
  • Southest region; Dukenet
  • Ohio and Michigan: FiberTower
  • Carolinas: Palmettonet
  • South region: Paradigm Telecom, INC
  • West region: QWEST
  • (parts of) Minnesota: Telecom Transport Management, INC
  • Georgia and Alabama: USCarrier Telecom
  • As you can see from the list, there are a few repeats thrown in there. No, we didn't do that to test you at the end of the article. Multiple companies are involved with some regions, because some companies are working on the backhaul of the upgrading infrastructure, while some are working on the networking itself, along with providing fiber and installation. A lot of companies are involved, and we wouldn't be surprised to see more get announced before the end of the year. We're glad to see that Verizon Wireless is moving forward with their LTE implementation. After all, we wouldn't want WiMAX to get all the glory, now would we?

    Furthermore, Verizon Wireless has finished up their trials in Boston and Seattle, which tells us that something good is probably coming from those trials. With them finished, what is Verizon going to do next? They're going to initiate more trials, in more places across the country. These new trials will be "friendlier" than the previous, private tests, but we are waiting to hear more on what that, exactly entails.

    [via Verizon]