Verizon Wireless kills $35 activation fee for Android tablets

I think we all know that it takes very little work for Verizon and other carriers to activate devices on their networks. The activation fee that is charged on some devices is nothing but a way for them to squeeze more money out of the consumer. Verizon Wireless offers the iPad without an activation fee and has for a long time.

The rub for Android fans is that the carrier has always charged a $35 fee to activate Android tablets. Why no fee for the iPad and a fee for Android? Verizon didn't answer that question, but it has done something better. The activation fee on Android tablets has been killed.

Verizon is making that no activation fee offer retroactive all the way back to March 1. That means if you have already bought a tablet and paid your $35 this month, you will get your loot back as a credit on your account. Whether or not this will be ongoing or for a limited time is unknown. I would think it would be ongoing since they made it retroactive.

[via Android Community]