Verizon Will Use FiOS TV to Stream Live TV to iPad, Video-on-Demand to Other Devices

The rumors about Verizon releasing an HTC manufactured, Google Chrome OS-toting tablet may be true (or not), but that's not going to stop the largest wireless carrier in the United States from issuing services for the competition, either. After all, that just means more money for them. At a press conference on Wednesday, Verizon showed off what it would look like if streaming TV and video-on-demand was served up to the iPad, thanks to FiOS TV.

Verizon plans on utilizing the same technology that's tucked inside their set-top boxes, and bring the same kind of entertainment to the iPad, as well as other mobile devices in the near future. The application, though, will only work from a customer's home, which puts the usability tone on the fence, but still, it's better than nothing. If Verizon can pull away from experiencing any extra licensing fees (which they think they can), then it shouldn't be a problem for the service to launch in due time.

However, while that's all well and good, what about video-on-demand? Apparently, Verizon's got a plan for that, too. The service will actually be launched for Android devices, as well as the BlackBerry Storm (2?), and Windows Mobile 6.5 devices. You'll have to buy the videos via your cable box, or from the website, but then you can download that video on up to five different devices.

Cloud storage didn't get forgotten, either, as Verizon's set to update their Media Manager service. This will let customers upload up to 70GB of goodies to the cloud, and then stream it to their TVs, PCs, or mobile phones. As far as releases go, the report suggests that live streaming TV should be up and ready to go by early 2011.

[via NewTeeVee]