Verizon Updates V Cast Music App For Android

Verizon Wireless has just updated its V Cast music app for Android. It allows users to buy songs, ringtones, and ringback tones in one program. The music bought will be DRM free and all three types of items may be purchased separately or in one bundle.

The app will also include a wish list for songs users may want to purchase later and it comes with a recommendation button that will allow you to send recommendations to your friends. Transferring the music is easy too, the purchased songs can be sent from your phone to your computer with either the V Cast Media Manager or any other application that recognizes MP3s.

The songs range from $0.69 to $1.29, ringback tones are higher at $1.99, and ringtones are at $2.99. The new V Cast app is free, but it requires users to be running Android 2.1 and have a data plan.

[via PhoneScoop]