Verizon tweaks Edge to simplify monthly device payments

If you want a smartphone nowadays but you don't want to pay the full amount for it, you've got an extra option on top of the traditional contracts (though in some places those contracts are becoming harder to get). They involves making monthly payments for the smartphone over a specific timeframe, such as 24 months, allowing the subscriber to pay off the phone in small chucks monthly. The big-name carriers offer such features, including Verizon which hawks the option as "Verizon Edge".

Today Verizon Wireless announced some small tweaks that have been done with Verizon Edge — namely those who have a device under it can upgrade after the current (or previous, depending on where you're at in the process) Edge device has been fully paid off.

This means you'll be able to keep your previous Verizon Edge device, whether it's a smartphone or a tablet, and upgrading is simplified by knowing that you can do it after the last device is fully paid for. Verizon Edge, for those unaware, spreads the cost of the device across 24 months, meaning you're going to still be locked into two years of payments (if you don't pay it off early, that is), but some argue you'll get less value for it overall.

Verizon Edge does bring the benefit of lower monthly line access fees, however, bringing the total cost more into the "favorable" range for consumers. Those who have a MORE Everything plan with 6GB of more of data will get a $25/month line access discount, while plans with 4GB or less of data get a $15/month line access discount.

SOURCE: Verizon