Verizon to stop illegal tethering via unofficial apps

A few days back we talked about AT&T moving to force customers that are tethering their smartphones via unofficial apps and hacks to pay more. AT&T went so far as to tell users that they would have their grandfathered unlimited data plans cancelled if they didn't stop. Verizon is now following AT&T into the battle to stop unofficial tethering.

Verizon is going to redirect users that are tethering unofficially from whatever page they are trying to visit when tethered to a Verizon page that offers official tethering for $20 more monthly that is much cheaper than the AT&T rate of $45 monthly to move for unofficial tethering to the real deal. Until now unofficial tethering hasn't been a big deal on the Verizon network.

Blocking the illegal tethering is not a surprise considering that wireless carriers are moving to force more money out of their customers with tiered data plans and throttled speeds for those deemed heavy users. If you are on Verizon and use unofficial tethering, will this make you stop or will you just seek other ways to tether for free.

[via Android Community]