Verizon Showcasing LTE Android Devices at CES 2011

With Verizon launching their own 4G coverage, everyone has been patiently waiting to see what the first LTE-based handsets would look like. And while there's been rumors that Verizon would be showing off plenty of handsets at CES in January, 2011, it's just been confirmed that not only will we see handsets, but that they'll be running Google's mobile Operating System, Android.

According to the latest tweet from Verizon's official Twitter account, they will be showing off at least one Android-based device with LTE on board. Furthermore, it will be on January 6th that this particular unveiling happens. We had hoped, and had already assumed that this would be happening, but thanks to Verizon, it's now been confirmed. Looks like if you're a fan of Android, and are eager to see what LTE and Android can do together, you don't have too long to wait.

[via @VerizonWireless]