Verizon ships Netflix on Fios TV for free... sort of

Verizon customers using Fios Internet and TV service were given access to Netflix this week. Specifically those users with Multi-Room DVR Enhanced for Premium service – they were given said access, and were given said access with a single year free with the streaming service. Unlike most smart TV platforms, Verizon Fios users will find Netflix on a TV channel – in this case, that's channel 838.

This launch is a collaboration between Netflix and Verizon to bring one service to the other. Verizon profits because it looks like their service is ahead of the curve in offering Netflix with their internet TV service. Netflix wins because once someone's used the streaming video network for free for a full year, that someone will almost certainly be addicted.

Unlike smartphone data plans, this Verizon Fios service still operates on 2-year agreements. This service with Netflix was announced to come with a full free year just so long as the user agrees to "Fios triple play." That service costs approximately $80 USD per month. That deal also includes a "2-year price guarantee" but also includes a 2-year agreement.

That's another way of saying your bill should stay the same each month for the next two years, but you're also agreeing to keep the service for two years. After one year, you'll need to start paying for Netflix if you wish to keep Netflix service on channel 838. That'll cost anywhere from $8 per month for basic service to $14 a month for premium service.

As always, beware of the word "free." There's always a way where the company you're purchasing service or products from gets their cash. You've gotta spend money to make money, after all – in this case, that means investing a year of Netflix in you, the end user, in order to get you hooked into buying their service well into the future.