Verizon Safe Wi-Fi VPN launched for Android, iOS at $3.99/month

Verizon is launching its own VPN app for Android and iOS, offering it to customers at the price of $3.99/month. The service, which Verizon calls Safe Wi-Fi, is presented as a way to block advertisement trackers and protect one's privacy without having to sign up with a third-party VPN company. The subscription is only available for certain Verizon customers, though.

A VPN protects the user's data and keeps their web browsing activity private while on a private or open WiFi network, such as one they may connect to at the library or local coffee shop. Verizon offers the service via an app that supports iOS 10 and newer, as well as Android 4.4.1 or higher.

Customers must be signed up for either The Verizon Plan, the new Verizon Plan, one of the MORE Everything plans, mobile broadband plans, international plans, or nationwide plans. The only exception is the 250MB MORE Everything plan; as well, business accounts with ECPD profile, corporate accounts, devices with enabled Push to Talk, non-nationwide plans, and prepaid accounts aren't eligible to use Safe Wi-Fi.

Verizon Safe Wi-Fi supports up to 10 devices per $3.99/month subscription. Once installed, users can enable the VPN from within the Safe Wi-Fi app; the Ad Tracker Blocker can be enabled or disabled separately to prevent advertisements from tracking the user.

It's important to note that many, many VPN services are already available at similar — and in some cases, cheaper — prices, and they don't include the Verizon plan restrictions. You should evaluate why you need a VPN, then read over Safe Wi-Fi's Terms of Service to make sure Verizon's plan can meet those needs.

SOURCE: Verizon Safe Wi-Fi FAQ