Verizon rumored to replace FiOS with next-gen TV service in 2016

It looks like Verizon may be moving away from its FiOS brand, and replacing it with an all-new cable and internet service, according to a new report from Variety. Sources have said the service will be based on a model that uses a new set-top box based on internet technologies, as opposed to existing digital cable signals. At the earliest, it sounds like Verizon may debut the service in an existing FiOS market before the end of the year.

Aside from overhauling the technology behind a set-top box, the changes would allow Verizon to combine paid TV service with internet video content, such as what Netflix offers. Think of it as being able to access both live/cable TV and streaming video from the same device connected to your television.

The way Variety explains it, the service would beneficial for both Verizon and its customers:

"The old-school QAM approach pushes all content, all the time, to consumers, whereas IP-based technology only delivers the channel a consumer is watching. The result will be massive cost savings for the company, and will free up a lot more bandwidth to give consumers faster internet access."

It's also expected that Verizon will take advantage of the new service to make use of its recent AOL acquisition, delivering its video programming along with the extensive AOL advertising network.

SOURCE Variety