Verizon rolling out OTA update for Galaxy Camera, will bring new features and modes

If you have a Verizon Wireless-variety of Samsung's Galaxy Camera, you'll be seeing an over-the-air update coming some time soon. Verizon announced it earlier today, and says that the update will bring some new features and modes, as well as minor improvements, to the device. When it arrives, the update will weigh in at a hefty 179.8MB in size.

First up are the two big changes offered by the update: a Remote View Finder and new Smart Modes. The Remote View Finder is self-explanatory, allowing users to use a remote view finder app in conjunction with another device that will serve as the viewer. Not all devices will support the feature, but those that do include the iPhone, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy S. The feature requires a Wi-Fi connection.

And next on the list are the new Smart Modes, of which users will see four additions after updating comprised of: Snow, Food, Dawn, and Party Indoor. This brings the overall Smart Modes count up to nineteen, all of which offer a mode for nearly every shooting situation you may encounter. While these are the two new features, there are also some improvements that concern a Help app and S Memo.

Following the S Memo update, users will find they can create a record with photos that are already saved on the device. And last but not least is the inclusion of a Help app, which is what you'd expect: an app for browing through information on your camera, how to use it, modes, and other such goodies. You can grab the update now from Settings > About device > System updates.

[via Android Community]