Verizon rewards subscribers with cash for referring friends

Mobile carriers are always looking to steal customers away from each, as Christmas and New Year's promotions over the last few years have proven. But Verizon's latest program relies on an old tactic: getting you to do all the work. Verizon subscribers can now take part in a customer referral program, getting rewarded with cash for convincing their friends to switch to the network.

Existing customers will be treated to $25 for 1 referral, $50 for two, and $100 for three. The payment isn't given as a reduction on their bill, but comes on Visa rewards cards. Unfortunately, $100 is the maximum that can be earned, and you can keep getting referrals beyond those first three. But hey, the friend that signs up will get their own $50 card just for signing up.

The great thing is that subscribers don't need to physically drag their friend into a store to make the referral in person. Instead Verizon is encouraging users to make posts on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Existing customers need to head to this website to register and confirm their social networking account, then make their post with the referral details.

The friend that chooses to sign up with the referral will the details emailed to them, allowing them to switch to Verizon either online, in store, or over the phone. The only other thing to be aware of is that both parties won't be sent their Visa reward card until the new account is at least 45 days old.

SOURCE Verizon