Verizon Restores 97% Of Mobile Network In Sandy-Affected Areas

If the area you're in was hit hard hard by Hurricane Sandy, then we've got some good news to share today. Verizon has announced that its mobile network is almost back to full strength in the areas that have been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, so it should be a bit easier to get in contact with loved ones and friends. As of this morning, Verizon says that 97.2% of its cell sites in the northeastern United States are functional, with the rest hopefully coming back soon.

Verizon says that its coverage in most areas is "approaching pre-storm status," but clarifies that in some areas that were hit really hard by Hurricane Sandy, such as lower Manhattan, that isn't the case. Coverage in those areas may not be up to where it was before the storm hit, but Verizon says that service should still be good in those places. It's also worth pointing out that when Verizon issued this statement earlier, it said it would be bringing more cell sites up to snuff throughout the day.

That means it's entirely possible that Verizon has boosted its 97.2% figure by now. Even if you don't have decent coverage where you are, Verizon reminds that its still deploying "mobile disaster recovery and emergency network assets to fortify our network." It has power generators to make sure cell sites remain functional as we dig in and begin the recovery process too.

We have to say, it's really nice to see carriers stepping up and doing all they can to help customers out during this understandably rough time. In addition to efforts Verizon has been making, T-Mobile and AT&T have also done their part by waiving late fees for those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. We'll keep you posted on these carrier efforts to aid in the recovery after Hurricane Sandy, so keep it tuned here to SlashGear.