Verizon reportedly not interested in more big spectrum purchases

Nate Swanner - Feb 17, 2015, 11:17am CST
Verizon reportedly not interested in more big spectrum purchases

The latest FCC auction saw Verizon walking away with over $10 billion in new spectrum, further cementing their mobile network as the best available in the United States. Others, like Sprint and T-Mobile, either didn’t make an effort, or didn’t try to acquire much spectrum. The playing field might get a bit more even next time around, though, as Verizon is now saying they’ve got no desire to snap up more spectrum, and will instead focus on making what they have the best it possibly can be.

Verizon did say they’d be interested in spectrum should it come available via a secondary market, but they are no longer interested in purchasing spectrum straight from the FCC. At least for now.

Low-end spectrum also isn’t something Verizon is interested in. Verizon did say if Sprint’s 2.5GHz spectrum holdings came available — and Sprint has suggested they’d be interested in unloading some of theirs — they’d possibly make a pass at it.

The nation’s largest carrier also said they’d look to make use of unlicensed spectrum, which is the bits the FCC keeps available for anyone to use.

With Verizon happy with what they have (for now), others might be presented with an opportunity to acquire large swathes of spectrum they want — and need. The FCC has also made overtures about keeping auctions more competitive for smaller carriers, so it could also be a case of Verizon seeing their glass ceiling with FCC auctions.

Either way, they’ll still have the broadest and best network available. Making it stronger will only distance them from the competition further.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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