Verizon puts a 200GB limit on unlimited data

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. To that, we add there's no such thing as unlimited data. A point of contention with regulators, carriers have redefined what the word "unlimited" means, which now means, "limited to a certain amount somewhat arbitrarily set by us". That certain amount, in Verizon's case, has never been officially publicized but is now being "confirmed" to be 200 GB a month on average. Such users are being given an ultimatum to change to a new, not-unlimited plan or take a hike.

The discussion around what constitutes unlimited data, or the advertisement of such, will go on and on, but, until forced otherwise, carriers will be putting a cap on those. They will, of course, put the blame on subscribers who use an "extraordinary" amount of data per month, to the detriment of other subscribers as well as Verizon's network. Last year, Verizon gave notice to such users to change their ways, change their plans or change their carriers. It seems like another round of warning are being sent out to those with even higher average use.

Verizon reached out last July to explain that its is classifying such extraordinary users as those that average 100 GB a month. For some unknown reason or another, Verizon has apparently raised that to 200 GB a month. The same conditions, however, still apply.

One problem it seems is that some subscribers are complaining about Verizon's selection. Some have reported receiving the warning despite their usage falling well below that imposed limit. Verizon has not commented on those complaints.

Carriers have been slowly removing its unlimited data plans precisely because of the troubles, which includes legal ones, that they bring. They can't, however, force existing subscribers to jump to other plans with fixed data buckets. Unless they happen to be a Verizon subscriber going above and beyond their limit.

VIA: Droid Life