Verizon Pushes Updates to Samsung Galaxy Tab, Pantech 4G USB Modem

Our pals over at the reddest of mobile carriers, Verizon, are sending out updates today for both their version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and their lovely Pantech UML290 4G USB modem. You'll be able to access both of these updates immediately if not soon, bot of them minor but essential updates to the basic set of functions that are to be found in each respective device. See here what you'll be getting and furthermore how you're going to get it.

For the Galaxy Tab, first of all, you'll be getting what they're calling enhanced performance in your web browsing as well as a bug fix that'll make it so your battery wont be drained while you search for Wi-Fi signals. In email and messaging you're going to be getting hyperlinks inside your email, time displayed on your status bar that accurately reflects when your latest email was received, and you'll now be able to manage and download all your favorite 2002-2003 Word documents. You may now "select all" your name cards, open a 5MB video attachments in emails, and keep your font sizes the same while you're replying to messages.

This odd assortment of items continues with an update of Adobe Flash Player to Next, an adjustment of the Time Zone settings of your calendar events which changes depending on the location you are on the earth. Finally, you're now able to finally have two alarms – thank god – where the first alarm can be silenced while the second is not.

If that weren't enough, here comes the updates for the 4G USB stick! First, you're going to get an "improved connection" in Verizon 3G and 4G LTE service areas. Next, the auto connect functions properly in 3G and 4G LTE service mode. There's a bit of the ol' improved device stability, reduced device resets, and more accurate transmit power display.

Learn all about how to update your devices to their newest software in the gallery below!