Verizon offering new prepaid plans for 3G phones

If mobile phone contracts just aren't your thing, then you're most likely on a prepaid plan, and Verizon Wireless has just rolled out two new options for 3G-enabled smartphones of "budget-minded" consumers. Both plans offer unlimited voice and texting, and the 500MB option will cost $60 per month, while 2GB of data will cost $70 per month.

If you didn't already catch it, these new plans are only for 3G smartphones, meaning that newer devices with LTE capabilities are out of the question, which means you'll have to be rocking an older Android device or an iPhone 4 or 4S in order to take advantage of these new plans. That's certainly not terrible news by any means, considering that you probably have an older device anyways if your current contract is about to expire.

While these new prepaid plans still might feel like highway robbery, the carrier only had one prepaid plan available at the time, which was an $80-per-month plan that got you unlimited talk and text, but only 1GB of data. This time around, you can get 2GB of data for $10 less per month. That still might not be the greatest deal, but it's a much better option for those looking to save a bit of cash.

Personally, 2GB of data for $70 per month isn't that bad, but considering how you could get unlimited data for $30 per month (on top of your voice and text plan, of course) just a year ago is pretty sad. Many people are switching to regional carriers in order to save cash, and many smaller wireless providers, like Straight Talk or Pure Talk, offer unlimited everything for under $50 per month.