Verizon new 250MB share everything plan targets low data usage customers

If you are the sort of smartphone user who doesn't consume that much data, having to pay for expensive plans with more data than you use can be irritating. Verizon has rolled out a new data plan for those looking to pay as little as possible for their smartphone needs that has only a little data and a correspondingly small price.

Verizon has rolled out a new 250MB shared data plan that is priced at $20 per month. That price makes the plan about $20 a month cheaper than the existing 500MB shared data plan. Neither of those plans will give you a lot of data for use on the go, but if you are usually on WiFi, the new cheaper 250MB plan may be worth a look.

The 250MB shared data plan allows a smartphone user to get a smartphone with Verizon for $60 per month. At $60 per month, the base smartphone shared data plan is now only $10 per month more expensive than plans for customers with a basic phone. The new data plan is available to purchase right now.

This plan will probably be most interesting to those who are already on the Verizon network. New customers can get more data for the same price with AT&T with its 300MB data plan. I can only imagine the data overages this plan will lead to if a new user chooses it and streams a couple videos.

SOURCE: Engadget