Verizon made a smartwatch for your grandma

Verizon today announced that it's launching a new smartwatch, but unlike most smartwatches we see, this one has a fairly limited target audience. Dubbed the Care Smart Watch, this new wearable is meant primarily for elderly customers. That, of course, means that it's being positioned as a device that can give families peace of mind when it comes to elderly relatives who live alone.

By extension, health and safety features are at the forefront with this smart watch. Particularly, Verizon says that the watch allows elderly users to call for help in the event that they've had an accident and can't get to a phone. In addition to that, the watch can also be used to set reminders for daily tasks like taking medication.

The watch doubles as a step tracker as well, but fitness doesn't seem to be at the core of what the Care Smart Watch is designed to do. The specifications, unsurprisingly, aren't anything to write home about, as the watch is built around a Qualcomm MSM8909W processor, with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, an AMOLED 1.3-inch display that clocks in at 240x240, and finally, a 510mAh battery.

Again, though, the Care Smart Watch isn't aimed at those who are in the market for something like an Apple Watch, so it's not much of a shock to see a spec sheet like that. The watch itself will have its own phone number and a companion app, which can be used by friends and family members for calling, texting, and location tracking. The watch also lets users create a "trusted circle" of contacts that includes up to 10 people, blocking calls from numbers that aren't in that circle so users don't have to contend with getting spam calls on their smartwatch.

The Care Smart Watch is up for pre-order today on Verizon's website. It costs $149.99 either on a two-year contract or at full retail price, or it can be split up into 24 monthly payments of $6.24.