Verizon lets you send Starbucks via Messages

If you don't use Verizon Messages, you might want to start. Most of us probably migrate toward other chat services for our needs, even if we have a Verizon phone, but there's a really good reason to start using Verizon Messages this winter. Especially if you forgot to give a gift, and apologies just aren't your thing. You can now send Starbucks eGift cards via Verizon Messages to the tune of $5, $10, or $25 to any other Messages user you like.

The charge will be billed directly to you via your Verizon bill. When you start a conversation or reply to a message in Messages, you'll now see an eGift icon, which is where you can send these eCoffee vouchers.

The service is US-only, so no sending gift cards to your Euro pals. You can customize the message, though. Choose your background, choose your message and the amount you'd like to give, then send it along!

Once your recipient gets the message (literally), all they have to do is take their phone to any Starbucks; a barcode is included in the eGift certificate, which the barista has to scan.

If they've got the Starbucks app, the amount you've sent along can be loaded there as well.

Still haven't decided what to get everyone in the office for the holidays? Driving to Grandma's house when you realized cousin Jerry would be there and you got him nothing? Just plain lazy? Send them coffee!

Source: Verizon