Verizon launches Yahoo Mobile plan with ad-free Yahoo mail

When Verizon bought up Yahoo in 2017, there was a lot of question about what it would do with the declining web company. After merging some portions of Yahoo with AOL and shutting down others, Verizon is ready to put the name to use, today announcing the launch of Yahoo Mobile. Yahoo Mobile seems to be a new prepaid plan that combines services from both Verizon and Yahoo in one package.

It's pretty clear what Verizon brings to the table as it's one of the big four carriers in the US, but what does Yahoo add to the deal besides its name? Apparently, those who sign up for Yahoo Mobile will get a subscription to Yahoo Mail Pro for free. Yahoo Mail Pro is more or less a premium, ad-free version of Yahoo Mail.

At this point, we'd probably encourage people to consider another option besides Yahoo Mail, but if you've stuck with it after all these years, then Yahoo Mobile might be worth considering. The plan comes with unlimited talk and text, along with "unlimited" 4G LTE, though it's important to note that the word "unlimited" is used very loosely in this context because Verizon reserves the right to throttle your data in times of network congestion.

On Verizon's more expensive post-paid unlimited plans, speeds are throttled only after customers reach a certain data usage threshold. With Yahoo Mobile, such a threshold doesn't exist, so don't be surprised to see your speeds throttled right from the first day of the month.

In addition, Yahoo Mobile also offers "Account Pro," which gives users 24/7 customer service for their Yahoo account. The plan also includes unlimited mobile hotspot, but there are of course some caveats with that as well: You'll only be able to use hotspot with one connected device at a time, and speeds will be capped at 5Mbps.

Yahoo Mobile runs $40 a month, which is a pretty attractive price given the cost of Verizon's other plans. Being a prepaid plan, there are no contracts and you can bring an existing device when you start up. If you don't have a phone, you can either buy one outright or finance it through the Yahoo Mobile website, which went live today.