Verizon launches new 2GB prepaid plan

We've seen some shakeups in the wireless service market, with three of the biggest carriers rolling out new/modified unlimited plans in a sort of battle-for-the-consumer. Now Verizon has just announced a new offering for its prepaid customers: a 2GB prepaid plan priced at $40/month. That 2GB allotment is for high-speed data, after which point the speeds are throttled down to a paltry 128kbps.

The prepaid plan, of course, is available to those with an applicable prepaid Verizon smartphone, allowing customers to get wireless service by paying ahead of time rather than the alternative postpaid arrangement. There are multiple prepaid plans, and they've gotten better over the years, giving users more high-speed data for relatively inexpensive rates.

The new 2GB plan gives users international text to 200 countries (plus unlimited texting in general), unlimited talk, as well as Always-On Data, which is the aforementioned throttling past a certain (in this case, 2GB) threshold. If you pay the bill on time, Verizon will roll any remaining high-speed data over into the next month, as well.

If 2GB isn't enough to suit your on-the-go needs, Verizon also offers a larger 5GB prepaid plan for $50/month, essentially tacking three extra gigabytes on for only ten dollars more monthly. And there's a larger 10GB plan for $70/month. The same rollover benefit listed above applies to these.

SOURCE: Verizon