Verizon Launches Its First 4G LTE Basic Phone

These days, you're not going to want a smartphone without 4G LTE capabilities, but would you buy a basic phone with 4G LTE? That's what Verizon and LG are asking by launching the new Exalt LTE, a basic flip phone that can nonetheless access Verizon's cellular data network. Talk about an interesting device, right?

LTE capabilities on a basic phone seem rather unnecessary on the surface. After all, these phones don't typically have the RAM or CPU to even browse the web at speeds an LTE connection would allow. You also won't be able to access any type of app store to download apps, so why bother with 4G LTE?

As it turns out, there are still uses for 4G LTE, even on a basic phone like this. That 4G LTE connection allows you to use Verizon's HD Voice feature, which is essentially voice over LTE (VoLTE). With HD Voice, your calls are placed over your LTE connection, leading to better sound quality overall.

You can also use this phone as a 4G LTE hotspot. With its 1,470 mAh battery, it may not last very long when it's being used as a hotspot, but you can use it as one nonetheless. That's about all you can do with the Exalt's 4G LTE capabilities, so if you don't need things like a web browser and an app store, this may actually be worth picking up.

That's because the Exalt LTE's monthly price is significantly lower than that of a smartphone. While Verizon will require $20 or more per month for decent smartphones, the Exalt LTE will only set you back $7.00 per month. Of course, you'll also need an LTE plan to go along with it, increasing your monthly bill beyond that of a standard basic phone, so keep that in mind. If you'd like to read more about the Exalt LTE, check out the source link below.

SOURCE: Verizon