Verizon iPhone 5 discount rumor suggests new model incoming

The iPhone 5 has been out on the market for roughly seven months, but the phone has never seen a big discount on any of the carriers. However, that could change very soon, as it's rumored that Verizon will be discounting the iPhone 5 by $100 starting at mid-month. This could possibly hint that a new iPhone model is incoming, as Verizon looks to possibly clear some inventory to make room for new stuff.

The rumor comes from EVLeaks, which we have relied on in the past for many smartphone rumors, and they've generally been accurate with their many rumors and leaks. If this discount is to be true, prospective buyers would be able to grab an entry-level 16GB iPhone 5 for just $99, but only after signing a new two-year contract of course.

Sadly, no more details were provided, but if true, the deal will go live sometime in the next week or two, allowing users to grab an iPhone 5 for up to half-off. It's not said if the promotion will be permanent, or if it's just a temporary sale that will happen. However, our guess is that it won't be a permanent discount — at least not until the next iPhone releases.

As for this hinting that the next iPhone is incoming soon, it's hard to say. Verizon could just be doing this for giggles, without even knowing about a new iPhone coming, but it's also possible that Big Red needs to quickly clear some of its inventory to make way for something new.