Verizon HomeFusion residential 4G LTE hardware hands-on

The folks at Verizon have announced at their newest innovation for the home this month, HomeFusion for 4G LTE in your living room – and here at CTIA we've gotten to check out the hardware that'll make it all possible. All you'll really need are these two items: the cylinder-shaped antenna for attaching at the top of your house for starters, then this lovely router you see up in front of it. This router sits in your home as any normal router would, delivering to you 4G LTE speeds wherever you need it in any and all rooms in your abode.

This router is able to connect to 20 wireless devices with Wifi at once, while 4G LTE speeds are delivered throughout your home all day long. Because the devices delivering these signals are stationary, you'll get better reception of these signals than you've ever had before, and you'll be able to pick the whole system up on the 3rd of May. This whole ecosystem has been launched across the nation in 230 markets already with more to come.

When it comes down to it, you'll likely set these devices up and never need to access them again. That said, they do look relatively un-assuming so they'll integrate with whatever your home looks like right out of the box – no worries! Have a peek at the rest of our CTIA coverage through the giant CTIA 2012 portal we've got open – and have fun!