Verizon Go90 streaming app aims at millennials with free mobile TV

If you are wanting more options for streaming TV content on your mobile phone that Hulu and Netflix, Verizon Wireless has a new offering that is on its way. The new service is called Go90, the name eludes to the act of rotating your phone 90-degrees to watch content in landscape format. The service is aiming directly at 18-34 year olds.

Verizon plans to offer the service to all users, whether or not they are Verizon customers. Go90 will be free to use, the content will be ad supported. That means you can expect to sit through commercials in the vein of Hulu.

Verizon reckons Go90 is a good move because 70% of this targeted age group view content on mobile first. Available content on the service will be a mix of live events, prime-time TV, and original series. Popular shows from Comedy Central, Food Network, ESPN, NFL Network, and Discovery will be included.

Perhaps the largest draw to the app will be NFL football games and live concerts via the app. Go90 is the latest service to target cord cutters and slots into a variety of options like Netflix, Hulu, and standalone services from HBO and others.

Go90 will also have a social aspect to allow users to share what they are watching. People interested in the free app can sign up on the Go90 website to be notified when the app launches.