Verizon Friends & Family announced: Alltel My Circle evolution

After Verizon Wireless announced they would be gobbling up Alltel, one of the biggest questions among subscribers concerned their My Circle plan, with its group of free numbers.  Verizon had remained tight-lipped until now, but that's because they were busy turning My Circle into Friends & Family, a plan not only for Alltel refugees but for its own subscribers, that offers five or ten numbers to which all calls will be free.

There are a couple of criteria, of course, primarily that the numbers must all be within America.  Beyond that you can select landline or wireless numbers, whether Verizon Wireless or otherwise.  Those subscribers on a qualifying Nationwide Single Line plan with 900 or more anytime minutes can nominate five contacts; anyone on a Nationwide Family SharePlan needs to have 1,400 or more anytime minutes, and can select up to 10 numbers that will be shared among plan members.

Otherwise there's no charge, and any changes you make through the Verizon online portal are reflected the following day.  Subscribers will be able to start nominating their numbers on February 15th.

[Thanks Paula!]