Verizon FiOS Triple Play offer dishes free Halo: Anniversary and Xbox LIVE Gold

The fine game-oriented folks at Verizon are this month tending to the Xbox 360 crowd with an offer for FiOS internet, TV, and phone that'll give users a free copy of Halo: Anniversary as well as Xbox LIVE Gold for 12 months. The best part about it is that there's no annual contract requirement, and your price per month is locked in for two years. And Halo: Anniversary – how could you do without that if you're a true Halo fan? You absolutely cannot, that's the answer to that.

The FiOS internet connection will have you rolling out on 35/35 Mbps so you'll have no lag when fragging, and a guarantee from the FCC in the form of tests which say FiOS internet is the #1 in delivering speeds as advertised. According to other FCC tests, says Verizon, FiOS connections provide customers with even MORE internet speed than they pay for as well, and not only that, Verizon claims that it's America's most advanced 100% fiber-optic network. How about that!

That's of course now what you came for, of course, you came for the Halo, so have a look above at the Halo: Anniversary Campaign trailer and know what you're getting into. Then note that you are, believe it or not, also getting more than just gaming-ready speed for your full Halo experience. With your FiOS TV Prime HD, you'll get over 30,000 VOD titles per month, over 7,000 of these in HD, and 195 all-digital channels with 50+ of them in HD, and if you're in NY, you get 315+ channels with FiOS TV Extreme HD, and 75+ channels in HD.

Then there's the phone stuff, which is interesting since the last time I saw someone use a landline it was my grandmother, and that's no joke. However, you do get phone coverage including unlimited nationwide residential calling as well as "crystal clear sound quality." Sounds lovely! And of course if you've got your Xbox LIVE Gold membership, you can also access your Live TV app from your Xbox and get FiOS channels like ESPN, CNN, and TNT. You can check for availability of this whole situation by heading over to Verizon.