Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway router boasts 800Mbps

Verizon has introduced its new FiOS Quantum Gateway router, a high-speed device that promises up to 800-megabits-per-second speeds and other features that will complement the average Internet user's browsing habits. Among its offerings, the Quantum Gateway router is being hailed as one of the top options available when it comes to signal quality (range, when unobstructed, goes up to 325ft). The router is available now from Verizon, which is hawking it to subscribers with high-speed Internet plans.

Verizon says the router was developed alongside Greenwave Systems, and that it further helps to meet consumers' needs via its dual-band functionality. In addition, Verizon has integrated Z-Wave for additional device control, something that will become more useful after the service provider updates the software, according to the folks at GigaOm.

There are some controls in place for keeping kids safe on the network, as well, such as the ability to have Internet access to certain websites blocked based on keywords. Verizon promises more functionality and features will be arriving in a series of updates in the future, which will be automatically delivered when available. Planned features include passwords for guest users and other security options.

Says the service provider, "The FiOS Quantum Gateway is Verizon's latest move toward helping customers do more on the Internet." Apparently as part of this goal, the company is offering high-speed Internet alongside a $400 prepaid gift card and FiOS TV Ultimate HD to those who sign up for a Triple Play package.

SOURCE: Market Watch