Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote for DROID and HTC Imagio debuts

I will admit that I am jealous of the huge internet connection speeds that some of you that live in larger cities with connection options like Verizon FiOS can get. I am stuck in a digital backwater where 750Kbps DSL is as fast as it gets. FiOS isn't only about blazing internet speeds; the service also has TV programming. If you are a FiOS subscriber and use a Motorola DROID or the HTC Imagio, you can now control your TV directly from your phone.Verizon has announced that the new service for the two mobile phones is available immediately. Along with controlling the TV from both of the smartphones, the new service also lets the user transfer photos directly from the handsets to the TV for viewing.

Verizon says that the same service will be rolled out to more mobile phones in the coming months. The new offering is called FiOS Mobile Remote and provides complete control over the DVR, My Photos feature, My Favorites for importing favorite channels lists, and Tele-TV Mute that mutes the TV when a call comes in. Verizon started offering a similar service for select LG phones last April.