Verizon FiOS is testing Ultra HD 4K programming

Verizon has teamed up with SES to test the latter company's Ultra HD platform as part of an effort to bring 4K content to FiOS customers. It's a welcomed move for UHD TV owners who have long waited for Verizon to offer such channels; many of the company's competitors have already introduced their 4K offerings. It is unclear when these tests will begin.

The two companies announced the planned test today, with SES saying that Verizon is the latest among many multichannel video programming distributors to give its platform a chance. Verizon is said to be planning a test with the satellite operator's pre-packaged UHD platform.

It isn't clear at this time what channels this Ultra HD platform comprises, the exact nature of the test, nor its coverage. SES did say in its announcement today that its Ultra HD platform has 'nine linear' channels, which is the largest batch of 4K programming presently available in the country.

Verizon's Erin McPherson spoke about the new test, saying:

Verizon's network is uniquely positioned to bring its customers the most innovative content solutions, including 4K/UHD. We look forward to driving the technology and delivering premier video experiences through our collaboration with SES.

SOURCE: BusinessWire