Verizon Fast-Forwards Phone Upgrade Eligibility For Some Customers

Verizon customers chomping at the bit to get the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus as soon as possible are in luck: those with a smartphone upgrade eligibility date of November 15, 2014 or sooner will now be seeing that date changed for an immediate upgrade, allowing them to swap out their current handset for Apple's shiny new smartphone.

The information first surfaced over at Android Police, where an image showed off details for the change, with the carrier specifically pointing out customers could update to one of Apple's new iPhone 6 models. The carrier confirmed the change.

The change is said to be happening automatically for those who fall within the eligibility dates window, so if you're not seeing it reflected in your account yet, be patient and it should show up soon. There seems to be a slight catch to it all, however.

The image that surfaced shows some fine print, which indicates this is a limited time offer — perhaps that means the upgrade eligibility will only be around for a short while before reverting back to normal. Verizon hasn't been entirely clear on this matter as of yet, but we'll update you when we know more.

VIA: Android Police