Verizon drops data plan prices before release of iPhone competitors

So you finally get your very own iPhone competitor, obviously the next logical step is to drop your data plan prices to match those of AT&T too. That's pretty much what Verizon did, but while they were at it, they figured they'd go ahead and re-price just about the entire data plan line-up.

The only thing I don't think got a price change was the unlimited data plan for smartphones. Lucky for you they aren't counting the new LG Voyager as a smartphone, so it gets the new cheaper data plan.

First off, there is no more $5 charge for mobile web access with a Nationwide plan, you just have to pay for the actual data you use, at a rate of $2 per megabyte, not bad if you ask me. Then they added a $15 monthly V Pak plan for middle tier voice plans that are $60 or more, this will give you unlimited data and unlimited video downloads. Another plan will also net you unlimited texting, that one costs $20.

Past that, you can get it all, unlimited data, unlimited video downloads, and unlimited texting as well as unlimited use of VZ Navigator for GPS all for $40, of course that's on top of your voice plan. Tacking any of those onto your contract, or switching from your current data plan to any one of these won't cost you a thing and doesn't require you to extend your contract. Unlimited smartphone data plans are still $45 though, but that was already on par with AT&T.

Verizon lowers data rates ahead of iPhone rivals [via electronista]