Verizon Dashes Hope Of An Unlimited Data Comeback

Just because your main competitors are doing something isn't a good enough reason to do likewise. That seems to be the general sentiment that Fran Shammo, Verizon's Chief Financial Officer, was trying to convey to the press. But to be more specific, what he's saying is that unlimited data plans aren't going to be coming back any time soon. Or at all, as far as the carrier is concerned. This despite the fact that AT&T earlier this month did bring back the offering. Well, almost.

These days, the word "unlimited" doesn't follow its dictionary meaning when it comes to Internet services, especially considering how open those have been to abuse. Both Verizon and AT&T grandfathered their unlimited data plans a few years ago and reinterpreted the word differently.

Last week, however, AT&T surprisingly started using the word again. Unsurprisingly, it had a catch. That unlimited data offering on applies to DirecTV and U-verse subscribers. The price goes for $100 for the first line, and $40 for consecutive ones, but the fourth one is free. Of course, that's still on top of the TV subscription, so the bills add up.

Shammo doesn't give much detail on why Verizon is "not going to entertain unlimited", but you can pretty much read between the lines. Verizon isn't going to even try matching what its competitors are doing, preferring to be more "disciplined" in its promotions. It can't go and react to every promotion in the market, as those come and go like the wind.

In short, it's done playing monkey see, monkey do. At least for now.