Verizon and Stadia partnership extended to 5G Home customers

For all the promised benefits of game streaming services, it really only makes sense if you have a stable, reliable, and fast Internet connection. That's why Google partnered with some network operators earlier this year to package Stadia together with some ISP plan that would, in theory, be optimized for game streaming. That campaign period may be coming to a close so Verizon is expanding its Stadia perks beyond its Fios service and into its 5G Home Internet subscriptions.

5G is the talk of the mobile and Internet town before COVID-19 took over but, for most people, the next-gen network technology is often associated with mobile phones. Taking advantage of its 5G Ultra Wideband or 5G UW technology, Verizon also started to offer a less mobile version of 5G that you can use at home rather than on the go.

Those 5G Home Internet customers are now getting the same treatment as their Fios counterparts, at least as far as the hot new gaming trend is concerned. Initially offered only to Verizon Fios customers, the carrier is now expanding the same Google Stadia bundle for its 5G Home Internet subscribers. Of course, what better way to prove the speed and reliability of its new 5G UW network than by using it for one of the most taxing Internet applications currently available.

That combination of 5G Home Internet and Stadia includes getting a Stadia Premiere Edition. For Stadia players, that means getting a Stadia Controller along with the Google Chromecast Ultra with the necessary firmware already installed. There's also three months of free Stadia Pro, more than the two months you can get with a normal Stadia free trial, but you'll need to pay $9.99 per month once that lapses.

This 5G Home Internet and Stadia offer is only valid until July 21 this year. That said, you will need to have that 5G Home Internet connection installed before August 22 to be eligible. That separate contract costs $50 per month after a free three-month period.