Verizon Already 32% Of All iPhone 4s In The US

Apple's iPhone has long been an AT&T exclusive, but back in February this year, the iPhone 4 made its way to Verizon. At that point, the handset was already more than 6 months old, having launched on AT&T the summer before. Nonetheless, Verizon's share of iPhone 4 users has grown rapidly, now at 32% according to a recent study.

Localytics, a Massachusetts-based analytics company, produced the report using data traffic from app usage. Using this method, they were able to determine that Verizon iPhone 4 usage had steadily grown from 20% in February to 32% in July. The other 68%, however, counts not only AT&T iPhone 4 users, but also those with unlocked iPhone 4s on the T-Mobile network.

This quick climb is especially surprising when you consider that AT&T had an 8-month head start. The researchers believe that part of this growth could be attributed to the news of Verizon's unlimited data plans getting replaced by tiered data plans on July 7, which happens to be today. Plus, AT&T had discontinued their unlimited data plans back in mid-2010. Hence, customers may have jumped on board with Verizon's iPhone 4 to secure unlimited data plans.

[via 9to5 Mac]