Verizon Alias2 leaks with "dynamic keys"

Details of the Verizon Alias2 have leaked, suggesting the carrier hasn't given up on the original Alias U740 dual-hinge concept.  The Alias2 still opens in portrait and landscape orientations, but now there are apparently dynamically-changing keys that change their labels depending on which way round the handset is held.

The exact nature of the dynamic keys hasn't been explained.  One suggestion is that they could use e-ink, which would only require power when the legends were changed, not to maintain them.  Whatever the technology, the end result is a keyboard that, when held horizontally, shows a QWERTY layout for messaging, and when held vertically shows a numeric keypad and shortcut keys.

The handset itself is a feature-phone rather than a smartphone, and has a predicted budget price.  There's a possibility that the Verizon Alias2 will be demonstrated at CTIA in the next couple of weeks, so we'll be bringing you any new details when we're there. 

[via PHONE Magazine]