Verizon Added To List Of Members Of The Open Handset Alliance

In a not-so-surprising move, Verizon, days after announcing they were opening up their network, joined the Open Handset Alliance. The only question is, is Verizon playing along to lure Google away from the 700MHz auction, or are they sincere in their efforts for a more open wireless world?

Personally I have a feeling it is the former, but I guess we'll find out next year. The best part about this addition to the OHA, it makes AT&T look like the standalone jackass unwilling to accept change.

But, who can blame them, they are doing quite well thanks to the iPhone. Regardless, Sprint, T-Mobile, and now Verizon are all members of the OHA with the newest addition to that list surprisingly being the most active as far as moving towards openness with they initiative to allow other devices and software on their network as long as it meets certain standards.

Verizon joins Google alliance, isolates AT&T [via electronista]